If one who enjoys a lesser happiness beholds a greater one, let him leave aside the lesser to gain the greater.

-The Buddha

The Buddha, the most practical of teachers, says that wisdom is essentially discrimination – the precious capacity to see what is important in the long run and then choose our course of action accordingly.

Most of us are vigilant when making big decisions, but less so when dealing with little ones. We forget the cumulative effect of all those missed “little” opportunities. It is precisely on those thousand little occasions, and over a period of time, that the mind is taught to be calm and kind – not instantaneously or by great leaps. In the ordinary choices of every day we begin to change the direction of our lives.

Words to Live By: Inspiration for Every Day – Eknath Easwaran

The homework is to use your Yoga practices to develop discrimination through Vairagya.  The Yoga philosophy encourages us to develop Vairagya or renunciation and detachment.  Detachment requires total engagement and it does not mean you are uninterested.  It involves freedom from passion, abstention and discrimination.  Vairagya demands four qualities: 1) disengaging and controlling the senses, 2) carrying out one’s duties without thought of reward and acting with goodness and purity, 3) avoiding desire, and 4) stilling the mind, freeing oneself from cravings. See how this practice refines your decision-making process and results.

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