There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness; and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.

                                                           – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Our modern civilization is so physically oriented that when we hear the word hunger, we immediately think of vitamins and minerals and amino acids.  It seldom occurs to us that just as the body develops problems when it does not get adequate food, the person who is deprived of love – or worse, who finds it difficult to love – becomes subject to problems every bit as serious.

This doesn’t mean just emotional problems, which of course are included.  More and more evidence indicates that lack of love not only leads to loneliness, despair and resentment, but also contributes to the deterioration of physical health.  When spiritual figures like Mother Teresa talk about our need to love and to be loved, the need is not metaphorical.  She is not talking about some vague spirituality; she is talking about good nutrition.  Resentment, hostility, alienation, and selfishness are deficiency diseases.  You can have all of the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals known and unknown but if you cannot love, you are not likely to remain in good health.

Words to Live By: Inspiration for Every Day – Eknath Easwaran

The homework is to consider the first precept of Yoga – Ahimsa, non-harming, non-violence or Love.  Think about one part of your yoga practice – or your life – with which you are uncomfortable. Now consider it using the principle of ahimsa. Make this the starting point from which you can practice ahimsa. Perhaps you could use another block in Utthita Trikonasana (extended triangle). Or, you may decide to choose healthful foods to nourish your body. Or, you could simply greet others with a smile, no matter your personal emotional state. Whatever change you make in your speech, thought or action, open yourself to making choices based in non-harming and respect.

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